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Undergraduate Programmes


Diploma in Management (R2-DL/345/4/0046 (A7469) 07/21)

Diploma in Human Resource Management (R/345/4/0647 (A5817) 01/20)

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours(R2-DL/345/6/1064 (A8369) 10/22)

Bachelor of Management with Honours(R2-DL/345/6/0045 (A7470) 07/21)

Bachelor of Accounting with Honours (R2/344/6/0040 (A5885) 03/20)

Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours (R/345/6/0655 (A5818) 01/20)

Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours (R2-DL/812/6/0023 (A6009) 11/5/21)


Diploma in Information Technology (R2-DL/345/4/0046 (A7469) 07/21)

Bachelor of Occupational Safety and Health Management with Honours (R/862/6/0040 (A9362) 07/19)

Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours (R2-DL/482/6/0151 (A7468) 07/21)

Bachelor of Manufacturing Management with Honours (R2-DL/345/6/0496 (A9206) 09/25)

Bachelor of Science in Project & Facility Management with Honours (R-DL/582/6/0004/MQA/FA1334 10/24)

Bachelor of Medical & Health Sciences with Honours (N-DL/720/6/0120 (MQA/PA9318) 02/25)

Bachelor of Nursing Science with Honours (R2-DL/723/6/0035(MQA/FA2767)05/22)


Diploma in Islamic Studies with Education (R-DL/221/4/0030 (MQA/FA 0324) 04/21)

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (R2-DL/143/4/0007 (A6959) 07/21)

Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Islamic Management) with Honours(R2-DL/221/6/0077 (A9122) 09/25)

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (R2-DL/311/6/0034 (A9361) 11/25)

Bachelor of Communication with Honours (R2-DL/321/6/0098 (A9493) 11/25)

Bachelor of Education (TESL) with Honours (R2-DL/145/6/0024 (A8372) 09/22)

Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education) with Honours(R2/144/6/0001 (A 6530) 02/21)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honours (R/141/6/0049 (A10993) 10/20)

Bachelor of English Studies with Honours (R/222/6/0009 (A9470) 03/19)






Learning Centres



Why choose OUM?

Diverse learner backgrounds

Enjoy an enriching learning experience with fellow learners across different industries. Studying at OUM allows you to build connections with peers by discussing course-related topics and sharing work experiences.

Flexible, easily accessible and affordable learning experience

Don’t meet the minimum entry requirements to enrol? Don’t worry. Use your work experience: it counts for admission and credit award. Now you can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere without compromising work or family responsibilities.

Part-time study with fully online learning mode

Study at your own convenience using learning materials such as e-modules, video lectures, courseware and other resources. Everything is online, so you can access them on your phones, tablets or computers.

35 Learning Centres Nationwide

Our learning centres are well-equipped with tutorial rooms, computer labs, meeting rooms and reading areas. Each one provides a friendly and conducive learning environment, complete with Internet access.

OUM New Learning Centres

Kuala Lipis, Pahang

Simpang Renggam, Johor

Use your work experience for admission and complete your study faster!

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